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Cooper's Catering

Mrs. B's Kitchen

4203 W Cermak Rd, Chicago, IL 60623

How it Works

Chef Joseph Cooper lost his main source of income when programs were indefinitely cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Normally cooking delicious and nutritious home-cooked meals for 50 people a night, Chef Cooper was furloughed for a minimum of 6 months from his work. Today, this African American chef from the Inspiration Kitchen has been hired through the Chicago Fellowship grant to prepare 80-100 fresh warm meals each week that are delivered to the doorstep of those sick with a particular focus on the elderly who find it difficult to cook while ill.

Caterer and Restaurateur, Tawanda Stange spent most of her adult career working for the Chicago Public Schools. After more than 15 years, she left her position in education to follow her dream of opening her own food service business, Ms. B’s. Two years ago, she brought her catering business to North Lawndale and opened a small take-out restaurant. While starting and growing a business has been difficult, the pandemic left her in a crisis where she had to scale back and become a one-woman operation to keep her head above financial ruin.The relief fund will allow her to do what she does best, serve up delicious meals to those in service to the neighborhood. Chef Tawanda Stange will be able to hire an additional person to cook and deliver 300-400 meals per month to first responders.

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